We are accepting group activity booth proposals from group leaders through February 29th, 2020. All volunteer opportunities are listed below and will remain posted until they are filled. If you or your unit would like to volunteer for one of these opportunities please review this page and download the application listed below.


Volunteer opportunities are available in several event areas as shown. 
You can volunteer as an individual, family, unit, citizen groups, service organizations, or business. You can make a difference and have a meaningful and rewarding experience serving the youth, leaders, and families at HATB.  You may volunteer for pre-event, setup, or event day activities.


Your UNIT may even be able to attend HATB 2020 for FREE if your UNIT volunteers in a specific area that requires group management. 


Units can volunteer as a group for specific IPAA assigned event task or they can apply to provide an activity booth of their own. Volunteer groups accepted to participate would receive passes to attend HATB for FREE!  


All volunteers will receive a HATB volunteer patch and certificate of appreciation!


Group proposals must have a minimum of 2 adult leaders and at least 6 youth. This assures that during the event the volunteer unit can have 1 Group Leader and 3 youth manage their activity, booth, or task while the others in the unit enjoy the celebration. The total number of volunteers in your group would vary depending on the activity offered by the group. Do you have an idea for a free scouting or guiding activity station that your unit would like to host? Do you have a special talent or skill that you would like to share?