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Hands Across the Border Celebration
Sunday, September 5th, 2021
1 pm to 3 pm


How to Prepare! 

Greetings Friends,

We are so excited to invite you to participate in the  Hands Across the Border Peace Arch Centennial & Time Capsule Project. We regret registration opened a bit late this year. We waited to announce the 2021 program until we received permission for our Time Capsule project from Washington State Parks.  


While we are certain that we can plan our virtual event and Time Capsule fundraiser benefiting the park,  we have not quite certain about the timeline for parks to open the Time Capsule in the cornerstone of the Arch. We have the privilege of walking in the footsteps of our forefathers. We have an opportunity to make a difference by enjoying Hands Across the Border from the safety of our homes while we work together to create a time capsule and memorial to children's incredible contributions to the parks history.

SCROLL DOWN THIS PAGE FOR educational activities, links, and ideas to help you and your child prepare for our peace and friendship party. You can use many of the educational tools for both pre and post-event learning.

Have fun creating your event space. 

ZOOM virtual background 


Hang your unit banner or an American or Canadian flag. If you have the Zoom-ability, you can download our HATB background to use for the event or select or create a background image of your own. If you select a photo of your hometown or create your own background, darker colors work best.

Click on the image you like and download the file of the background you select to your desktop.



Learn about and practice singing the national anthems of the USA & Canada.

Star-Spangled Banner- Music, lyric, & history link


Oh Canada-Music, lyric, & history link


Also, learn to sing our unity song the Peace Arch Anthem Children of a Common Mother


Standing Tall (the Peace Arch Anthem)


Downloadable music files will be posted soon!

Meet the RCMP & the WSP

Hands Across the Border - Peace Arch Attendants

The Washington State Patrol and the Royal Canadian Mounted Police have been part of our celebration for over 50 years! We are so excited that they are joining us for our virtual celebration!



Follow the links below to download Washington State Patrol youth publications 

Being Safe with Saftey-Roo Activity Book | PDF file


Saftey Star Color Book | PDF file



Take Action

Nominate the PEACE ARCH to become an OFFICIAL SYMBOL of the State of Washington

Thinking ahead to 2021 - Celebrate the Centennial of the International Peace Arch 100th birthday!

Cast your VOTE and NOMINATE the International Peace Arch to become the Official Peace Monument of Washington State.


On Sunday, June 14th (when we start the event), You will be able to submit your name and information for our campaign!


A link to cast your vote will appear on our website on Sunday, June 14th (when we start the event). You will also be able to share your comments about why the Peace Arch should be an official Symbol of Washington State.


We will forward all your nominations and comments from our HATB friends to our 42nd District State Senators who will help us make this a reality.


Follow the links below to learn about the official symbols of Washington and British Columbia.


Official Symbols of Washington State


Official Symbols of British Columbia


Video Washington State Symbols


Washington State Color and Activity  Book | PDF

Washington State Symbols Flyer | PDF




Peace Arch Postage Stamp

We will update you on efforts to get the Peace Arch Featured on a postage stamps for its 100th Birthday in 2021.

In the fall of 2018, the International Peace Arch Association submitted letters to the Citizens' Stamp Advisory Committee. The letters nominated the International Peace Arch to be featured on a U.S. Canada Joint Issue stamp in September 2021 to commemorate its centennial.

Each country has a Citizens' Stamp Advisory Committee and guidelines and criteria they follow as consider as they select subjects to be featured. They include our heritage, culture, traditions, geography, and achievements.



Just for Kids - Click here to download a Peace Arch Stamp you can color.


Visit our Peace Arch Stamp Webpage to download US/CAN educational Infographics


Virtual Pen Pals


One of the best parts of Hands Across the Border is making friends and meeting new people. We are creating a list of group leaders who would like to connect their cross border units as virtual pen pals. If you would like  to connect with a cross border leader in order to facilitate your units become pen pals please follow the link to complete the form. Then units can connect during their next program year and meet your virtual pen pals in person at the 2021 Hands Across the Border Celebration.


To participate leaders/parents must sign up and provide their name, email, unit, city. By submitting this form you will be giving the IPAA permission to share your information (our list) with other leaders who sign up to participate.


Click here to sign up.

Join our Virtual Parade


Join our Virual parade. Have fun and have your mom or dad take your picture in front of our Parade Virtual background. Take a picture of you and your units parade banner. and share it on our FACEBOOK PAGE.


Peace Arch History 

What in the Sam Hill is the Peace Arch?

No Peace Arch Celebration would be complete without a Portal of Peace History Exhibit. What was life like for kids in 1921 when the Peace Arch was dedicated?

What kind of game did kids play? How did kids contribute to the creation of the Peace Arch.

This year will include some good old fashioned fun & games to play!

Watch the Peace Arch Rises Video Production with your family

Learn the History of the Peace Arch


Watch the Peace Arch Rises with your family. This 22 minute production includes interviews with people who attended the 1921 Peace Arch dedication ceremony as children. Watch the video and complete the worksheet below. Share and talk about your answers.