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Flag Etiquette

Bring Banners & Flags!



Bring a unit banner and flags! Banners that can be easily read help everyone recognize your unit and where you are from as you walk through the Peace Arch!


Have fun and create your own banner.  Bring a trader banner so other traders can easily find you in the crowd. You can find lots of ideas on Pinterest.


Proudly Proclaim your Unit Affiliation and Hometown. 


Right after your unit passes through the Peace Arch during the parade, be prepared to announce the name of your unit and where you are from. This is a great opportunity to practice public speaking skills!


You can give a Big Cheer for your unit and community or select members to introduce your group. Practice before the event.  You will have 7-12 seconds as you pass by the microphone during the parade!


Bring Flags!

Review proper flag etiquette. Everyone should give the same respect to both the American, Canadian, and British flags. We recognize the British flag since the Peace Arch was built and dedicated to the  centennial of peace treaty (1814-1914) of Peace between the United States, Canada & Britain. 

ATTENTION: Girl Guides Canada

If you are interested in carrying an International flag in the procession please come to the Canadian Park  Kitchen between 10:30 AM and 12:30 PM to sign up to carry a flag during the parade!   


Flag bearers will receive a crest available only to Girl Guide members carrying flags!  Flag bearers must be in appropriate uniform and of an age that is capable of carrying the flag on
a pole for the duration of the procession. 

The flags are provided by the BC Girl Guide International Committee. The flags represent all the different countries around the world where Girl Guides are active!


Star Spangled Banner - Music, lyric 7 history link
Oh Canada  - Music, lyric & history link
The Peace Arch Anthem

Learn & practice singing the national anthem(s)
of the USA, Canada.

Star Spangled Banner

Oh Canada
Also learn to sing our unity song
Children of a Common Mother

Standing Tall (the Peace Arch Anthem)

Down loadable music files will be posted soon!

Meet and have your pictures taken with the State Patrol & Royal Canadian Mounted Police!

Make Items to Trade

International Patch Trading Fellowship!

It will be an exciting day of patch trading, collecting, with your international friends.

Bring extra patches or create your own unique trades/swaps to bring to the event.


HATB patch trading fellowship is an unique event where you can trade Boy Scout and Girl Scout memorabilia.


It is a great place to meet friends and make friendships, acquire items, and learn about

your hobby. 


You are invited too..

Learn about the history of the Peace Arch or the history of Hands Across the Border Celebration

Discuss with your unit what questions that they would like to ask and what they would like to tell those they meet from across the border.

Look at the pictures of scouts at the September 6th, 1921 dedication. Talk about what was life like for kids in 1921. What was it like for the kids who participated in the dedication ceremony.


Click here to watch the Peace Arch Rises documentary (22 minutes) on our history web page.

Learn about the Peace Arch history and personal stories from American's & Canadian's who attended the dedication ceremony as children.


Download: a Park History Brochure.

You Can Help us Tell Everyone why the Hands Across the Border Celebration is important!


With your parents' and troop leaders' permission,
use your iphone to make a short video (15 - 30 - 60 seconds) of yourself, your family or your troop or pack. Tell us who you are you, where are you from and why wit is important to you, your family, your unit or event scouting!


Post your video on our 2017 Hands Across the Border Facebook Page! Here is a link to our FACEBOOK PAGE!


It is possible that we will show some of your videos on the HATB stage throughout the afternoon at the 2017 event.

Share your Border Stories!


We had many wonderful anonymous comments and stories in our surveys. We want to share your stories. What are you doing now? How did Hands Across the Border affect you? As we move toward the centennial of the peace monument it is more important than ever that collect and preserve your personal stories for future generations.


Share your Border Story and your photo!


Here is an example of a survey submission.


"For years this event was the highlight of my girl scouting experience. I loved getting to know new cultures, troops from far away, and visiting the border of another country. As an adult, I see how this experience shaped who I am. I am attending graduate school this fall to study international policy, the many celebrations I attended at the Peace Arch with my girl scout troop definitely sparked my interest in being a global citizen."

 ATTENTION Group Leaders!
How can you get a HATB 2023 Certificate of Participation & Peace Keeper Awards for your Unit?

All you will need to do to receive a "Certificate of Participation & Peace Keeper Award" download you can personalize and print out for your unit members is take the Hands Across the Border Celebration ONLINE EVENT SURVEY! 


Our survey will be posted on this website on or before June 20th, 2023. We will also send out an email to group leaders inviting you to take the survey.


The comment period for the survey will run through July 30th, 2023!



Downloads:  Canadian Flag    American Flag    Canada Symbols

American Symbols       Peace Arch Parade      RCMP WSP 





Preparing for Hands Across the Border - a Peace Arch Celebration

 Here are some ideas about preparing for the celebration. If you have any suggestions on how to help participants get the most from the HATB experience, please share it with us!

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