ATTENTION Group Leaders!

How can you get a HATB 2020 Certificate of Participation & Peace Keeper Awards for your Unit?

All you will need to do to receive a "Certificate of Participation & Peace Keeper Award" download you can personalize and print out for your unit members is take the Hands Across the Border Celebration ONLINE EVENT SURVEY! 


Our survey will be posted on this website on or before June 20th, 2019. We will also send out an email invitation to group leaders inviting you to take the survey.

The comment period for the survey will run through July 30th, 2019!





DOWNLOAD: Peace Arch  Park History Brochure.


                             2019  EVENT DOWNLOADS

DOWNLOAD: 2019 HATB Event Flyer.

DOWNLOAD: 2019 Goodie Bag.

DOWNLOAD: 2019 Event Schedule.


DOWNLOAD: 2019 prepare for HATB.


DOWNLOAD: 2019 Girl Guides Flag Bearers.


DOWNLOAD: 2019 Event Booth Location Map.


DOWNLOAD: Peace Arch International Park Map.

DOWNLOAD: 2019 Passport to Fun!