Congratulations for registering for the2018 Hands Across the Border Celebration! 

As a registered participant(s) you may now reserve a Hands Across the Border Campsite(s) in beautiful Blaine Marine Park!

We have two types of camp sites available: tent camping and RV space. We have  7  RV spaces and space for up to 300 tent camping participants.. Campsites and RV sites are available on a first come first serve basis. YOU MUST BE REGISTERED FOR THE 2018 Hands Across the Border Celebration TO RESERVE SPACE IN THE CAMP. 

The camps sites are by suggested donation which will cover the costs of HATB providing the required services as follows: trash, hand washing station, port o potties, and potable water, which is required by the City of Blaine to hold the camp. Cooking may be conducted in portable camping cookware. Your group can cook on propane cook stoves. There will be a shared camp fire pit. 


The suggested donation for a campsite is $20 per night (10 people per campsite),  or RV camper space $25 space per night. Discounted two night stay: Friday & Saturday $35 per campsite & RV's $45 per site. All campers must be accompanied by the group leaders, parent or guardian, to reserve a campsite. 

You must be 18 or older to ​reserve a site. Reservations will be accepted on a first come, first served basis and in the order of date of completed HATB reservation. If you do not process your camp registration at the time you register your unit for HATB there is NO guarantee of campsite availability.  

CAMP RESERVATION : Within 48 of you registering you will receive an email confirmation to reserve your space. NOTE: Your reservation CODE will expire THREE WEEKS from your Hands Across the Border Registration date.

CAMPS Once you reserve you site you will receive links to download complete your acceptance of camp rules and liability waiver.  Your unit must accept Camp Rules and sign a Liability Waiver you will sign and return by emailed to the IPAA when you RESERVE your camp site. 

The International Peace Arch Association (IPAA) and the City of Blaine are not responsible for lost or stolen items at the campsite. 

Questions call: 360-332-7165 or email info@handsacrosstheborder.info

DONATIONS for camp and RV sites are due on April 10th, 2018. You will be sent an EMAIL with a link to process your DONATION and COMPLETE YOUR RESERVATION. YOU will have one week to make your DONATION or YOUR RESERVATION will be COMPLETED.


​NOTE: Your reservation CODE will expire THREE WEEKS from your Hands Across the Border Registration date. Camp reservations are on first come first serve basis.

EVENT CANCELLATION POLICY: If the International Peace Arch Association cancels Hands Across the Border due to the HATB not meeting the minimum number of registered participants by April 1st, or the number registered approved by the IPAA board on April 1st, to hold the event DONATIONS for CAMPING will not be requested or processed. Donations for campsites will be emailed to campers on or before April 10th, 2018.

Hands Across the Border Camp Registration



1.Camping is allowed in designated areas only.


2.Do not set your camp up in designated common areas or walking areas (between campsites).


3.Do not walk through other camper’s campsites. Show respect other campers staying at HATB Camp.


4.Camp Quiet hours are between 10PM and 7AM.


5.Camp parking is allowed in parking area and overflow parking area only (see map).


6.Camp parking is back in parking only (like other scouting events).


7.Cars are not allowed in the camping area. You will need to walk to your campsite from the parking area.  All campsites are within 400ft of the main parking area.


8. Cooking may be conducted on portable camping cookware (propane stoves permitted).


9.There is NO SECURITY at the campsite. Lock up your valuables. The City of Blaine and the International Peace Arch Association are NOT responsible for lost or stolen items.


10.No alcohol or drugs may be used/consumed in the camp.


11.If you have a medical or any other emergency requiring immediate assistance call 911.


12.All campers agree to follow Blaine Marine Park General rules (attached).


13.Camp will have a large brick fire pit (approved by Northwest Fire & Rescue). The fire pit is for all campers to enjoy between 6 -10 pm. A fire extinguisher will be located near the fire pit. The camp volunteer manager will put out fire promptly at 10PM at nightly.


14.All participating youths must be accompanied by their group leaders, parents or guardians at all times while staying at the Blaine Marine Park campsites.


15. You will be advised of our on site CAMP VOLUNTEER MANAGER prior to your arrival!


16. All campsites must be cleaned up Sunday June 10th, by 6PM, and all trash will be placed in camp

17. The International Peace Arch Association may update or revise these camp rules at anytime campers with verified reservations will be informed by email of any changes or revisions to camp rules and they will be posted on the camp website and Facebook pages.


18. In order to stay ay the camp ALL LEADERS Who reserved campsites are required to read, agree to, and      sign the HATB CAMP INFORMATION POLICY GUIDELINES RULES & PROCEDURES FORM